How It Works

We at Money Cash Loans are a loan referral site that helps borrower in finding the right loan offer. We are associated with trustworthy lenders who specialize in offering short term loan assistance. One can avail our services at free of cost.

Listed below are the steps which you need to follow while getting started with us:

Make sure about your eligibility status:

Money Cash Loans is not a lender. But lenders we work with have some specific criteria to be fulfilled by the borrower. These criteria may vary. The loan applicant should be an 18 year old employed citizen of Australia and should own an accessible account in some reputed bank. For successful processing of loan application, the given criteria should be met by the applicant.

Get yourself registered for our services:

We are a price comparison site and our services can be availed only through online registration. Fill up the online registration form with valid details and send your request to us. After validating few facts about you, we will get back to you on your registration request.

Find suitable loan and read the loan agreement:

Once you have registered, you can submit your loan request through us. Lenders will propose a loan deal based on your requirements. Use online tools provided at our website to calculate loan rates and compare loan offers obtained from different lenders. Review loan fine print details ahead of choosing loan deal.

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